Some alternatives to the elusive millionaire backer

If you’ve been a member of a community rugby club for more than about twenty minutes then you’ve almost certainly been a part of a discussion which starts “Imagine if we won the lottery/EuroMillions/found a millionaire…” If you’ve been on the committee of a community rugby club, you probably have this conversation at least once … Read more

How to design recruitment poster images in 20 minutes

One of the challenges in marketing your rugby club is creating high quality content that your audience can engage with. Images tend to get more engagement than simple text posts – they’re also more likely to get seen as someone scrolls through their feed as they stand out more. Designing and creating high quality images … Read more

What we’re doing to keep our rugby teams going while there are no fixtures

With the news last week that competitions aren’t going to restart until January at the earliest, a lot of people are wondering what to do with their players over the next few months. In this post, I want to share some of the things that we’ve been doing – some of which are in their … Read more

How to build your youth rugby team after COVID-enforced absence – recruitment tips

After an extended off-season thanks to COVID-19, rugby has moved to Stage D of its return to play model which means that we can now have regular training sessions, albeit with some changes from the norm. Although we’re still some way from fixtures returning, the time we have now allows us to spend more time … Read more